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Iain Meyrick
aka "Spanners" Contact
Born 1968 .
Girl gave him a copy of The Scorpions"World wide live" album around 1985 and he never looked back .
Has only worn Spandex trousers once . Never had big hair .
Got his guitars out the loft 5 years ago .
First band was David Hasselhoff tribute band "Poodlehoff" largely obsessed with seafood and lampshades .
Second band was "Filthy Smith" rock and pop covers band known for delivering disco covers in a Metallica stylee and gigging mainly around Newark , Nottinghamshire for 3 years . The Purple Perry remix music on this profile is Filthy Smith .
First gig to 250 Steel foundry workers most of whom had been advised of redundancy by our singer that day .
During first recording session was told his guitar sounded like a "Buzzsaw" and therefore with regard to his Multi-FX pedal he should "Go home and read the manual" by the studio engineer .
Third band is "Spanners" 5 piece rock and pop covers maybe originals looking for a singer currently . GSOH mandatory .

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